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Cathy's Photography llc is thrilled you found us and can't wait for you to check out our information pages and galleries of photos. Specializing in families, children, high school seniors and family events.    

Senior portraits, that's also one of Cathy's favorite catagories. Creating really neat images, making you look your very best.  

Then we're off to family portraits. Everyone should take advantage of Cathy's affordable family portait sessions. 

From Maternity, new baby, family and seniors, I am here for you to make moments special, vivid, lasting and creative.

Affordable family photographer, for studio and location


715-881-1350  Check out  Cathy's Photography facebook for updates and specials

Don't miss out on the fun. Making professional family photography, high school senior portraits, children's photography, composite photography and events  affordable and creative.

Professional Photography,

Ready to capture that moment, capture that look, or create that composite image.  

Life is fleeting, professional photography priceless, catch that moment, or create that fantasy composite image.  Children's imagination, and high school senior's accomplishments, I am ready for you.  

My studio provides a friendly comportable country setting. There are many outdoor locations close for great ourdoor settings and composite enhancements ready to make photography images their best.   

Family Portraits and Children, High School Senior Portraits, Special Events, Weddings.

Everything we do in our lives is about the relationships we have with our family, children and friends.

Those moments that mean the most can  be preserved  with affordable professional photography.  Cathy’s Photography llc  can capture those  smiles, giggles, emotions and laughter.  You will always know we are here for you, to make sure that you never lose those moments captures in photos. 

We open our hearts to those special moments of everyday life,  listen to your wedding dreams, meet and photograph your new baby and family, create for you senior portraits that are as unique as you are!

Don't forget every special event where Cathy's Photography llc can make it all affordable.  

Free photography event and photo session consultations available.

We want to hear from you, capture your story!

Feel free to contact us for additional photo session and wedding information.

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Creative. Distinctive and Affordable Professional Photography in North Central WIsconsin.

About the owner:   In operation since 1999

Photographer by passion, grandmother by delight, mom by nature, businesswoman willing to challenge,, proud to be a nurse,, and a kidney donor by choice,  My goal is to provide affordable photography, with a unique and creative touch. Our farm setting for the studio is a relaxed enviorment. Located in the country we have several outdoor locations for your photo shoots or  if you like, your photo location.   'Like' Cathy's Photography Facebook page for specials and updates. click on the right side of this page.  

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