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There are endless options available for your images from canvas to metal to wood mounting - gift items, a variety of books and phone covers.  Listed below are general prints in common sizes, and our highly recommended display books. To inquire about other printable items please call 715-881-1350

 Keeping it simple with every purchase being A la carte. No packages forcing you into items you don't want.  I appreciate every one of my clients and want to make your print purchases easy and affordable. Questions 715-881-1350

We encourage our clients to make an appointment to review and order your prints.

But you can also easly order with an order form.

 Ordering Prints: please email for an ordering sheet. 


                         Luster Paper

This is the perfect paper for portraits

and weddings.


 Metallic paper

Rich vibrant colors, distinctive metallic look that catches the eye. Great for portraits especially High School Senior Wallets. 

             Prices listed do not include WI 5.5% SALES TAX
            Prices Changes  for orders after March 1, 2017
             New Sizes Available 

               Luster         Metallic

 3.5 x 5----$7.00------$7.50

4 x 6-----$10.00------$11.00

5 x 7 ----$18.00------$20.00

6 x 8-----$ 20.00-----$21.00

8 x 8-----$22.00------$23.00

8 x 10----$26.00------$27.00

10 x 10---$30.00-----$32.00

10 x 13----$48.00-----$48.00

10 x 20----$56.00-----$58.00

11 x 14-----$64.00----$65.00

11 x 17-----$68.00----$70.00

12 x 12-----$72.00----$74.00

12 x 20-----$78.00----$80.00

12 x 24-----$80.00----$82.00

16 x 16-----$84.00----$86.00

16 x 20-----$86.00-----$88.00

18 x 24-----$92.00-----$98.00

20 x 24-----$98.00-----$102.00

24 x 36-----$112.00----$120.00

30 x 30-----$132.00----$132.00




Wallets must be ordered in sets of 8 per pose

8 ----$16.00 ( 2.00 each)

16---$24.00 (1.50 each)

32---$41.00 ($1.30 each)

48---$ 60.00 ($1.25 each)

64---$64.00 ($1.00 each)

80----$76.00 ($.95 each)

88--$82.00($.93 each)

96--$87.00 ($.86 each)

all orders over 96 are calculated at $.85 each.

Canvas Gallery     Wraps

Thick 1.5" gallery wraps are perfect for any room in your home. Classy, and stylish always there to make a portrait statement.

11 x 14 $110.00

16 x 20  $120.00

20 x 30 $155.00

Many other sizes available. 


        Lay Flat Albums

Hard cover 20 images, 10 pages 

lay flat album

thick luster photo pages

Beautiful treasure keepsake  or a coffee table display..

 Save your session images             in style all in one place.

                                   5x7  $110.00




                                        REFERRAL PROGRAM  

 Complete your photo session, this can be family or high school senior sessions, refer Cathy's Photography llc to friends and family. Anyone that completes a session from your referral- you will receive $50.00 in print credit

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